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Facebook Messenger Bot Introduction

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

Simply put, a chatbot is a software that uses artificial inteligence to communicate with humans automatically. Messenger Bot can be utilized to enhance the chat experience of your clients.

What can Messenger Bot do for my business?

Messenger Bot will benefit your business by automatically welcome new users, respond to questions, improve clients’ sentiments, syndicate content, building social marketing, generate leads, make sales, and many more!

Why do I need Messenger Bot?

The fact is that most traditional marketing methods no longer effective as used to be. You need something new to communicate with your potential clients. Messenger bot is a chatbot that lives on Facebook Messenger, meaning that it can communicate with 1.3 billion Facebook users. See the numbers? You must not waste this opportunity. Our Messenger Bot makes it easy for you to do social marketing with minimal effort.

What Solutions Do We Provide?

We provide four solutions for your convenience, depending of your plan, you can access our following bots:

  1. SocioBot, a simple bot to auto-reply conversations on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Messenger Bot, a sophisticated bot, with a template builder, that can communicate with your clients.
  3. Commenter Bot, a sophisticated bot that can reply to comments and following up by sending your clients a private message.
  4. Marketing Bot, forget email marketing, you can reach your clients directly through their Messenger using an automatic marketing campaign.

How Do I Use Messenger Bot to Support My Business?

There are many ways to use Messenger Bot, here are a few examples:

Customer Support
Intelligently route customers to their desired destination based upon their actions and behaviors.

Collect Information From Clients
Getting all the important information from needed from customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Give users the answers they need instantly while simultaneously freeing support staff.

Lead Generation
Interact with users and generate leads automatically!

Real Estate
Show properties and generate qualified leads automatically 24/7.

Run promotions, take reservations and payments!

Travel & Tours
Get more travel and tourism bookings, showcase your unique outings.

Car Dealership
Show and sell cars through Messenger + your site!

Feedback and Surveys
Create fully customizable automated surveys and feedback forms!

Help present & select policies + give quotes as well as set appointments.

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