Best Flutter UI Kit Templates in 2024

Developing a Flutter application UI from the ground up can be a time-intensive endeavor. To streamline the process, we’ve curated a collection of 14 top-notch Flutter UI Kit Templates known for their professional design quality.

These UI kits range from simplicity, featuring basic buttons and design components, to intricate designs with dynamic features like toggles that can alter fonts, colors, and states seamlessly.

With these Flutter UI Kit templates, customization becomes a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer, these templates offer a must-bookmark selection of the best Flutter UI Kit Templates in 2024.

1. Ultimate Flutter UI Kit

The Ultimate Flutter UI Kit is an outstanding toolkit to jumpstart your Flutter project development. Thoughtfully designed by our team, it comes with thorough documentation and a developer-friendly code structure that is easy to understand. This kit equips you with a diverse set of tools and features, empowering you to build visually striking user interfaces for your app. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, the Ultimate Flutter UI Kit is the ideal solution for your project requirements.

Upon downloading this Flutter UI Kit, you gain access to numerous Full Apps UI Kits, each presented as a comprehensive application. These UI Kits can be effortlessly extracted and utilized as a quick starting point for your project.

Additionally, you’ll find hundreds of reusable Custom Widgets—distinctive components like headers, sliders, lists, and more, ready to enhance different parts of your application.

The kit also includes a variety of Screens, featuring examples like sign-in screens, notification screens, profile screens, and others, streamlining the development process.

2. ProKit Flutter

True to its name, ProKit stands out as the most extensive Flutter UI kit available. Serving as the ultimate library for both Android and iOS developers, it amalgamates a diverse range of Flutter UI app templates, ensuring high-quality design and functionality. The compilation includes app UI kits, complete apps, and UI themes, providing a comprehensive toolkit for developers.

What sets ProKit apart is its thoughtful design, catering to both dark and light modes. Additionally, it incorporates the latest trends, featuring face unlock and seamless biometric integration within the app UI. ProKit thus emerges as a powerful and versatile resource for Flutter developers seeking a robust foundation for their projects.

3. OneKit – Flutter UI Kit

OneKit, crafted and powered by Flutter, is a pre-packaged solution that offers an abundance of features and functionalities, streamlining your work processes. This kit not only presents a polished UI but also serves to enhance efficiency, saving significant time in your development endeavors. Integration into any Flutter project is seamless, allowing you to dive right into your work.

With an organized code structure that is both simple and clean, OneKit ensures easy comprehension and editability for anyone involved. The kit boasts an impressive collection of 250+ ready-to-use screens, 150+ ready-to-use widgets, and includes 3 sample apps. By leveraging OneKit, you can potentially save more than 500 hours of development time.

4. DevKit – Flutter UI Kit

DevKit, specifically tailored for developers utilizing Flutter, presents a comprehensive toolkit for streamlined application development. With an extensive offering of over 600 screens, DevKit includes a wealth of ready-to-use screens, widgets, Cupertino widgets, features, functions, integrations, and animations. This robust collection caters to the diverse needs of developers, enabling the creation of multi-purpose applications compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

5. FlutKit – Flutter UI Kit

FlutKit is a thoughtfully crafted and versatile mobile application UI Kit, skillfully developed with Flutter. Flutter, an open-source mobile application development SDK pioneered by Google, serves as the framework for creating applications compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. This UI Kit boasts a seamless blend of design and functionality, making it an excellent choice for developers seeking a multi-purpose solution for their mobile applications.

6. Biggest Pro UI Kits Flutter UI Kit

The Big UI Kit for Flutter, encompassing UI Components and UI Apps, is a compilation of over 1000 versatile UI components. This comprehensive set empowers developers to create visually appealing and feature-rich hybrid apps effortlessly. Leveraging the Flutter UI Component app, you can effortlessly build applications that not only meet but exceed user expectations, providing a compelling and worthwhile experience.

7. SmartKit Pro – Flutter Biggest UI Kit

SmartKit Pro stands out as the largest UI Kit for Flutter, offering an expansive range of design elements and features. As a Flutter 3.0 UI kit, it is meticulously crafted and ready for immediate use. This comprehensive toolkit provides developers with a robust foundation to create sophisticated and feature-rich applications seamlessly.

8. MightyUIKit – Flutter 3.x UI Kit with Screen Builder

Mighty UI Kit lives up to its name, providing a commanding and robust Flutter UI kit. This extensive set includes complete app templates, pre-built widgets for instant use, readily integrated code snippets, and impressive screens tailored for various use cases. Embracing the latest material design, it stands out as the premier Flutter UI kit, offering a comprehensive and powerful resource for developers.

9. Flutter Biggest UI Kits and Flutter Big Materials

Flutter Biggest UI Kits and Flutter Big Materials – Flutter 3.0 UI KIT in flutter kit Flutter. Explore the most extensive UI kits and abundant Flutter Big Materials with the impressive Flutter 3.0 UI Kit available in the Flutter Kit. Unleash the power of Flutter for seamless UI development!

10. 16 App UI | Flutter 3 UI Kit

StartKit stands as a comprehensive Flutter UI kit, encompassing a rich assortment of components, screen designs, integrations, Cupertino widgets, and 16 fully-fledged app templates. From essential elements like Bottom Navigation bars, Bottom Sheets, Drawers, Dropdown menus, Checkboxes, and Loaders to complete designs such as Login screens, Profile displays, Feed layouts, and Chat screens – this UI kit has it all.

Flutter, an open-source mobile application development SDK crafted by Google, serves as the backbone. It facilitates the creation of applications for Android and iOS, with an added capability of being the primary tool for developing applications for Google Fuchsia. Flutter widgets seamlessly integrate platform-specific differences, ensuring optimal native performance on both iOS and Android, covering aspects like scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts.

11. Flutter UI Kit – E-Commerce App

The E-Commerce UI Kit is versatile for iOS and Android applications, specifically designed for E-Commerce purposes. With over 60 screens featuring various functions and animations, this kit is suitable not only for E-Commerce applications but also for other projects requiring specific design elements and functionalities from this comprehensive package.

12. Flutter UI Component and Material Design Kit

The Flutter UI Component app is a compilation of diverse Flutter UI components and adheres to Material Design principles. This collection facilitates the swift development of your app, supporting both Android and iOS devices. Numerous examples are included across various categories to guide you effectively. The source code is meticulously crafted, ensuring cleanliness and clarity. Utilizing this resource is as simple as copying and pasting the code into your existing Flutter app.

13. Mega Flutter Kit

Mega Flutter Kit offers a wide range of UI components for various applications:

  • Crypto Trading: Crypto Trade & Wallet UI Kit with Live Price
  • Food Mania: Food Ordering App Template with Delivery Boy UI Kit
  • Sports Fantasy: Sports Fantasy Gaming UI Kit
  • Well Care: Doctor Appointment Booking UI Kit
  • Social App: Social UI Kit
  • Jovial Journey: Travel & Tour UI Kit
  • Blossom: BeautiCare Products UI Kit
  • Hola: Hola Dating UI Kit
  • Cricket Fantasy: Cricket Fantasy Game UI Kit
  • MyCab Driver: My Cab Driver Taxi Booking UI Kit
  • MyCab Rider: My Cab Rider Taxi Booking UI Kit
  • Angle: Stock Market UI Kit
  • Stylicle: Hair Salon Booking UI Kit
  • MyCab: Taxi Booking Full UI Kit
  • Meal Monkey: Food Order & Restaurant UI Kit
  • Delite: Grocery and Food Order & Delivery UI Kit
  • Werolla: Online Banking & Digital Wallet UI Kit
  • Finology: Online Banking & E-Money Management, Stock Market UI Kit
  • Handyman: Online Home Service UI Kit
  • E-Commerce: Online E-Commerce Fashion UI Kit + Figma
  • FinPay: Banking and E-Money Management App UI Kit + Figma
  • Cookiess: Online Food Recipe UI Kit + Figma
  • Foodly: Banking and E-Money Management App UI Kit + Figma + XD
  • Tetris: Tetris App
  • Movie Streaming: Movie Streaming App UI Kit + Figma + XD + Sketch
  • Courier Online Service: Fast Courier Online Service App UI Kit + Figma
  • PayYou: Digital Wallet, Banking, E-Money Management App UI Kit + Figma
  • Grace: Fitness & Workout App UI Kit + Figma + 3D Icons
  • E-Wallet: E-Wallet App for ANDROID + IOS + FIGMA + Sketch + 3D Icons

14. Flutter UI Master Kit

The Flutter UI Master Kit is a well-crafted mobile application UI Kit developed with Flutter, the open-source mobile application development SDK from Google. It simplifies the developer’s task by providing a modern and polished appearance for mobile applications, saving significant time and effort.

Designed for easy integration into any Flutter project, the Flutter UI Master Kit is ready to use. Its code organization is straightforward, allowing developers to extract and add specific parts seamlessly to their Flutter applications.

Featuring approximately 280+ screens, the Flutter UI Master Kit seamlessly operates on both Android and iOS platforms, delivering a versatile solution for developers.

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